Summer Reading Program Ages 12-18

Activities and Reading for Ages 12-18

  • Cross off or color in each day you do an activity and/or spend time reading on the calendar
  • Fill in the Reading Entry Form to enter in a weekly free book drawing and to enter the GRAND PRIZE Drawing on August 1, 2020

Thank you to our local businesses for their past generous prize donations: Allison Wonderland, Safari Lake Geneva, Emagine Theater, Dust Bunny Books, and Frank’s Original.

Thank you to the Friends of the Lake Geneva Public Library for funding this year’s Grand Prizes!


FAQ for Teens

What if we don’t do an activity and/or read every day?
Don’t worry! You can still fill in the online form to enter the prize drawings!

How long should I read every day?
Experts recommend 20 minutes of reading per day, to prevent the ‘summer slide’, but you can do whatever works for you! Arrange it around your schedule and your love of books.

Does it matter I read?
Even the books listed on this calendar are just suggestions. Research shows that people who are allowed to choose their own books are more interested in reading, engage more in the books they read, and have a more positive response to reading. Audiobooks , graphic novels, and articles online or in the paper count as reading too!

Still need help choosing a good book? Miss Sara would love to give you suggestions! Let her know what you like, and she will get you library materials ready for you to take home.

What if I lose my calendar?
You can pick up another calendar at the library, or access it here!

Your question not here?
Contact Miss Sara at with more questions!