Lois Guif Local History Collection



The Lois Guif Local History Collection

Lois Ellen Skrogstad was born to Hattie and Harold Skrogstad on Dec. 17, 1921. Upon graduation from Lake Geneva High School, Ethel Brann, her Latin teacher and Lake Geneva’s  head librarian, offered her a part-time assistant job at Lake Geneva Public Library. This was the start of a beloved career for Lois, one that she remained committed to with more than 60 years of service, retiring as an administrative assistant in 2001. She was an active member of the community. In addition to her library commitments, Lois worked for the YMCA, director of the Water Safety Patrol, H.C. Paterson, Montgomery Ward, Attorney Sturges Taggart Sr. and financial adviser Hiram Smith. She witnessed many changes in her favorite little town as the years passed, the new library, relocation of the YMCA, the departure of many familiar businesses on Main Street and new additions. Lois was an active critic and participant of the Lake Geneva City Council meetings and its agendas, enjoying the televised meetings when not attending in person.

Lois married Ronald Henry Guif in 1941 at the First Lutheran Church on Walworth Street. They were devoted members of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church on Park Row. In the 1980s, Lois became a member at Trinity Lutheran in Pell Lake. Lois and her husband, Ronnie, loved to square dance, traveling the state of Wisconsin and throughout the U.S., as well as attending as many dances and conventions as time permitted. They were members of the Limber Timber Square Dance Club of Elkhorn. Lois continued dancing with the group until 2006.

The Lake Geneva Public Library would like to extend sincere thanks to Patricia (Guif) and Art Wallace for the donation that made digitizing these local history documents possible in memory of Lois.