Histories by Ginny Hall

Please enjoy this collection of articles about various places in Walworth County, written and collected by Ginny Hall, one of Walworth County’s most knowledgeable and popular historians.


Ginny Hall grew up in New Holstien, Wisconsin. She recieved her B.S. and Master’s degrees from UW-Madison. She spent 33  years teaching in UW-Extension in Sheboygan County and Walworth County and was a District Program leader for three of those years in Madison. She retired in 1989 as Professor Emeriti in the Department of Family Development.

In the fall of 1989, she became a volunteer at the Lake Geneva Public Library doing special projects. She compiled 12 auto tour guides and 15 walking tour guides within the Walworth county area, and wrote over 800 news stories telling the history of buildings, sites, and communities. She wrote the histories of the Lake Geneva Library, Aram Library, Walworth County Fair, and St. Benedict’s Church and helped in making some of Walworth County’s history more accessible to the public. Ginny served on committees organizing the celebration of our country’s Bicenntenial, our state’s Sesquicentennial, and Wisconsin’s 4-H Centennial and Farm Technology Days.