Lake Geneva Area Mysteries: Linda S. Godfrey

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Lake Geneva Area Mysteries: Linda S. Godfrey

10/30/2018 @ 06:30 pm - 10/30/2018 @ 08:00 pm

30 Oct 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

Lake Geneva Public Library Meeting Room






“Ghosts of Black Point to the Beast of Bray Road: Lake Geneva Area Mysteries”
Lake Geneva may be known as an idyllic vacation town, but it’s also steeped in local mystery and strange history. Godfrey will share her research on the ghosts said to lurk on the Black Point mansion’s tower,  the effigy mounds that once surrounded the lake, the Geneva Lake water serpent, Chief Bigfoot’s legacy, and even the world-famous werewolf-like creature known as the Beast of Bray Road and a reported romp as it chased two people near the city’s downtown!
A former Walworth County newspaper reporter, Godfrey is the author of 18 published book on strange creatures, legends and people around the United States. Some of her titles include Weird Wisconsin, American Monsters, Monsters Among Us, The Beast of Bray Road and more. She is a popular media guest and expert on many TV, radio and online shows such as Inside Edition, Monsters and Mysteries, Paranormal Witness, Sean Hannity, the Jenny McCarthy Show, Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert, Wisconsin Public Radio, and many more. She is featured in two new documentaries to be released this fall, “Cryptozoologist” and Small Town Monsters’ “The Bray Road Beast.”

Godfrey will also present her newest book, Monsters Among Us, An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena. Her book includes a broad mix of modern-day and historical sightings, supported by Godfrey’s interviews with eyewitnesses. Monsters Among Us is essential reading for anyone hunting for the real accounts behind their childhood campfire stories.

Praise for Monsters Among Us:

Have you ever seen something you couldn’t explain? 

This meticulously researched and thrilling exploration of the otherworldly will challenge your idea of reality. Mysterious wolf-people, sentient mists, and UFOs…if you’ve ever heard a curious bump in the night, caught a glimpse of a strange-looking someone (or something) out of the corner of your eye, or seen an unusual craft dart across the sky before it vanishes without a trace, there’s only one person to call: Linda S. Godfrey. An expert in strange creatures and lore, she has offered reporting on bigfoots, werewolves, strange energy forms, and other bizarre beings for years.

Godfrey will enthrall even skeptics as she leads you through the mystical, legendary, and scientific angles of these creatures and the myths that surround them. Within these pages, you will encounter:

– First-hand testimony of a terrifying transformation from woman to beast (during a church service, no less)
– The Lost Lizard People of Los Angeles
– A growling, phantomlike home invader
– Wolfmen who walk on two legs
– People stalked by invisible predators


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    Oct 30 @ 06:30 pm
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    Oct 30 @ 08:00 pm
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Lake Geneva Public Library


Lake Geneva Public Library Meeting Room

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