Meeting Room

Smith Meeting Room

The library will review, approve, and schedule meetings or programs proposed by organizations as Library calendar permits (around library programming).

Conditions of use

  • No group is denied use of the room because of their beliefs
  • Meetings may be held only during regular library hours
  • Meetings are limited to three hours unless otherwise approved
  • All meetings must be open to the public, unless an organization is restricted to “members only” (i.e. Girl Scouts, or condo associations) and no fees may be charged by the group to attend
  • Attendance is limited to room capacity of 70 persons
  • No products or services may be sold at the program
  • Program attendance lists may not be used for subsequent commercial use
  • Use of library staff kitchen and equipment is not permitted
  • Light snacks & beverages are allowed with tablecloths
  • Program presenters are to be respectful of the Smith Meeting Room
  • No group shall misrepresent the Lake Geneva Public Library as sponsor of the event
  • The requested date and time will be tentatively reserved for use of the Smith Meeting Room on the Library calendar until the application has been returned, unless otherwise specified
  • Any organization agrees to hold harmless the Lake Geneva Public Library from any and all actions and suits relating to its use of Library facilities

Application and Advertising

  • Request forms are available at the Library’s Circulation Desk or by clicking HERE
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee is charged for usage of the Smith Meeting Room up to three hours. If the Smith Meeting Room is required for more than three hours, the non-refundable fee is $100
  • Fees should be submitted with the application and made payable prior to the date of the event to secure the reservation

All advertising/publicity of program will be reviewed by Lake Geneva Public Library staff prior to publication and needs to include contact name and phone number of person coordinating the program.

  • Advertising/publicity of the program must include the following disclaimer: “This program is not sponsored or endorsed by Lake Geneva Public Library and may not reflect the views of the Library.”

06-2018 Reviewed & adopted by the Lake Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees